The Office and Investment

To promote Peru as an attractive location for FDI; to help potential investors find out all the information and resources they need for trading in Peru; to work in close collaboration with our national agency for the purpose of investment promotion.


Following a decade of record-high growth, Peru’s economy has remained strong and resilient despite the persistent global uncertainty, thanks to strong fundamentals, supportive terms of trade and sound policy management.
— International Monetary Fund
Growth is expected to continue this year, and some believe the mines coming on line will likely turn Peru into the world’s second-biggest copper producer after Chile. The World Bank forecasts Peru’s economy will accelerate 3.3 per cent this year (2016), that fastest clip among Latin America’s major economies.
— Financial Times

Peruvian Economic Performance

Economic growth in Peru has been driven by an increase in private investment, which today represents almost 20% of GDP. The countries soundness macroeconomic management as well as a political and social stable environment combined with a favourable legal framework has made Peru a highly attractive market for foreign investment, reaching USD 8.750 billion in 2015. 


Useful Websites

ProInversión - Invest in Peru:  Public entity, belonging to the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which main object is to promote private investment in public services and infrastructure  projects. 

ProInversión project portfolios: List of investment projects in Perú. Within its 21 years of existence, ProInversión has carried out processes representing millions of dollars of investment