Our Role


We form part of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism and work towards impulsing trade, tourism and investment opportunities between Peru and the United Kingdom

Other functions

➤ Impulsing the collaboration between the private and public business sectors of Peru and the UK

➤ Particiapting in trade fairs within the trade, investment and tourism sectors

➤ Opening and consolidating new markets for non traditional products and services

➤ Answering the queries of UK companies, businesses  or associations referring to trade, investment or tourism matters within Peru

➤  Organising business meetings and business missions to Peru to purachese, export products and services

➤Proposing the participation of Peruvian products in international trade fairs

➤ Strengthening the participation and presence of Peru in international trade negotiations in the UK 

➤ Supporting and participating in activities by public or private institutions in the UK related to the promotion of Peru

➤  Providing information for our export, tourism and textiles sector and act as an intermediate for potencial consumers and foreign investors


Meet the team

Jaime Cárdenas 

(BSc Mechanical Engineering; Msc Engineering) 


Luisa Fuster 

(BA Law; BA Business Administration) 

Trade Advisor

Joanna Meza

(BA International Business and Management; Msc Marketing)

Trade Advisor

Cecilia de Orbegoso 

(BSc Economics)

Investment and Tourism Advisor


We have a chain of 34 offices spanning 31 countries

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